Running across the narrow strip of lowland Scotland between the Clyde and Forth estuaries – linking Glasgow and Edinburgh and the Irish Sea to the North Sea – The Millennium Link is within easy reach of many of Scotland’s most famous lowland visitor attractions. There are championship golf courses, Loch Lomond & The Trossachs, the Borders, ‘Braveheart’ country, castles ancient and modern, museums, art galleries, hills, mountains, lochs and coastal resorts all within a few miles of the canal.

The £78m Millennium Link project is being managed by British Waterways, in partnership with a large number of organisations in the public, private and voluntary sector. The project has been driven from the outset by popular demand and enjoys widespread public support.

The cost of the restoration is being met from a varied range of organisations, including the Millennium Commission, the European Union, Scottish Enterprise and its network of Local Enterprise Companies and the local authorities across lowland Scotland.

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